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We, at Medocsun Hospital, have redefined the prevailing standards of medical technology, infrastructure and clinical care, bringing with itself a level of health care that gives a massive boost to patient outcomes.

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Medocsun Hospital is a culmination of years of envisioning with the motto of creating a centre that heals the society. We are an advanced multispecialty hospital with a simple yet bold Vision – “May All Be Happy,May All Be Healthy”.

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Medical Department

The medical department has within it various clinical services. They are medicine, surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, eye, ENT.

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Nursing Department

The nursing department is the organizational structure through which nurses provide nursing care for clients under the jurisdiction of the institution.

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Critical Care Management

Rawal Hospital - Critical Care Management

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General Surgery

Rawal Hospital - General Surgery

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Each person (employee, patient or visitor) entering our facilities are temperature screened and given a surgical mask, which is required to be worn at all times within our hospitals.

All staff and patients are masked throughout their stay.

We are a preferred provider in many managed care and health insurance plans. Please make sure we are on your list of participating hospitals. If we are not, you will be financially responsible for your bill. Rawal Hospital files insurance claims as a courtesy to you.





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Raj Sharma

I must congratulate the staff and management of rawal hospital for achieving a fine balance between professional medical care and the human touch. The staff is professional and courteous and the knowledge of doctors and his team is a great achievement. It is also heartening to note that the rooms are being upgraded regularly. All the best.



We came to this hospital under the recommendations of our friend. We have found this as an excellent hospital. Technical abilities and knowledge of the doctors and attached staff is superb. Strict discipline is maintained which is good for the well-being of the patient. We wish the hospital further success in its mission. Wishing a bright future with the hope that hospital will serve still further towards.


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Dr. S N Sharma

Best General Medicine doctor in Bhakhrota


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